Points Circuit


Turn any set of exercises into a competitive team-based fitness circuit!

Points Circuit Includes:

  • Station Cards (Editable) – You can make modifications to the exercises or change them to exercises that your students are familiar with. We recommend you print and laminate the station cards so you can reuse them over and over again.
  • Score Cards (Editable) – Print out these easy to use score cards so teams can keep a record of the points scored after each completed station.
  • Instructional Card – Gives you step-by-step instructions on how to run the activity and all of our tips and recommendations for timing, setting up the activity etc.
  • Video – So you can see the general flow of the activity.

Equipment Required:

  1. Cones to mark the location of the stations.
  2. large area to set up the circuit – A basketball court size area is suitable.
  3. You may like to use some exercise mats, depending on your playing surface.
  4. The Station Cards – We recommend you laminate these. Use bean bags to keep them in place if it’s a bit windy outside.
  5. The Score Cards – We recommend you put the score cards into clipboards so it is easy for students to mark their scores down after completing each station.
  6. 4 x Clipboards – Put the score cards in these.
  7. 4 x Pens – To record the station points on the score cards.

File Formats:

  • Station Cards in .pptx and .pdf
  • Score Cards in .pptx and .pdf
  • Video in .mp4
  • Instructional Card in .pdf
  • Points Circuit download in .zip

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