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  • positive review  Lucky enough to attend two PE Made Easy sessions at the mid year ACHPER Secondary Conference. Multitude of warm-up games demos provided, all done without changing the environment. As for curriculum planning, great tools to spot gaps and prioritise. Next step? Book PEME to come in and assist with curriculum design! Great presenter, super knowledgeable and professional.

    thumb Mark James

    positive review  Had the most eye-opening PD run by Airlie from PE Made Easy at the ACHPER Secondary and VCE HPE Conference. The resources she provided were thorough, easy to understand and her explanations were clear and concise. I feel that I can easily walk away being able to now implement changes to our PE curriculum 7-10. I felt like bowing down to Airlie at the end for how much work and effort she has put into curriculum development. I look forward to being able to get more ongoing support through this page!

    thumb Step-hen Mousse

    positive review  Great session last night ran by Airlie. Our teachers have already implemented most of the warm up games she taught us this morning! The resource to go along with the session was also well made and easy to read and will be a great resource for our teachers moving forward. Thanks for a fun and informative session. Can highly recommend.

    thumb Michael Wooly
  • positive review  Thank you Airlie for a fantastic 90min PD. Our PE department at Bialik College thoroughly enjoyed and learnt heaps from the session. Airlie’s enthusiasm and professionalism was outstanding. We are all looking forward to implementing the different warm up and fitness activities you taught us. I highly recommend Airlie for your next PE PD! Thanks again.

    thumb Foy Foy

    positive review  We had a fantastic, 90 minute PD with Airlie! The staff at Santa Maria College heard about Airlie through the PE Made Easy Facebook page. We currently use the PE Made Easy body systems resources, which our students really enjoy completing! After using some of the resources from the Facebook page, we decided to book PE Made Easy for a PD session. We learnt new warm up and fitness games, along with game sense activities that we can incorporate in nearly every unit across our curriculum. The session was really fun and Airlie’s ideas and games are so creative, inclusive and engaging. We left the session with heaps of new ideas and felt really excited to try the new games in our classes. We highly recommend booking a session with PE Made Easy!

    thumb Emma Maree

    positive review  Airlie was fantastic in tailoring activities to focus on our current scope and sequence. She also took the time out to focus on modifications for each activities, to suit students with special needs including how to support a student who uses a wheelchair. A great PD that we will definitely do again! Thanks Airlie!

    thumb Katrina Guldon
  • positive review  Had a blast in the freezing cold but that was no issue in getting our big pe staff and pre services teachers running around with fitness activities and warm up games at Mount Ridley College. It was so good all the staff said it was the best pd they’ve done in ages and every class has had some aspect of what we learnt tried out on them in the last week! Thoroughly recommend it as all staff get the opportunity to dig in rather than one or two at an external pd!!!

    thumb Hamish Pearce

    5 star review  I contracted Airlie as a consultant to assist me with creating documents outlining how the activities offered by my business align with the Victorian Curriculum. She also consulted on how I could update my website to make it more user-friendly. Airlie has a wealth of knowledge that was so valuable to me and my business. She was a dream to work with, always delivering work promptly and professionally. Thanks for all your help Airlie!

    thumb Jade Nicholson

    positive review  Airlie from PE Made Easy came to St Joseph's Echuca to present to our HPE department. We had 45 minutes dedicated to Health and meeting the Vic Curriculum through all our delivery and assessment. This was very beneficial and the review and planning process she suggested was thorough and easy for us to follow and implement. The second session was on fun games to incorporate into lessons to maximise participation and engagement while focussing on specific skills. Airlie's passion and enthusiasm was infectious. Feedback from staff was both sessions were well organised and planned to give us the biggest bang for our buck! It has given us a lot to think about and great ideas to improve HPE lessons for all students. Thanks Airlie! Hope to work with you again

    thumb Renae Nicole
  • 5 star review  Airlie from PE Made Easy delivered a 1.5 hour workshop to the PE and wider staff community at Plenty Valley Christian College that was geared towards exposing staff to fresh new ideas and activities that had the overarching goals to maximise student participation, promote inclusiveness of all abilities and to be transferable across a variety of areas within both the PE curriculum and wider school community. Feedback from the staff was that Airlie was a confident, experienced, approachable and engaging presenter, and that the session was one of value to their professional development that they really enjoyed! Organisation of this Workshop was very easy and flexible. Quick and seamless communication with Airlie with regards to organising the workshop and discussing goals was easy and free flowing. An enjoyable experience overall! From the team at PVCC, Thank you! �

    thumb Michelle Kerri

    5 star review  Airlie shared a brilliant presentation at the recent Achper conference. As a teacher working in a new school, her knowledge around curriculum mapping was invaluable. I came away with some awesome templates to help me with my planning and strategies to implement the 'backward by design' method. I would like to consult with Airlie and her team as our school ( Richmond High School) continues to grow in students ( and staff members). Thanks Airlie

    thumb Georgia Scott

    5 star review  Airlie's curriculum knowledge and support has been incredibly helpful to the PE staff at our school. She has supported many staff in the implementation of new PE subjects into our curriculum and has also devised excellent lessons and assessment tasks for some of these subjects. The PE Made Easy resources are great for junior PE classes and are used regularly by all of the PE teachers. Airlie's kind, patient and supportive personality is greatly appreciated by everyone. Thanks Airlie!

    thumb Sophie Tayton
  • 5 star review  Huge thanks to Airlie, she tailored a program that suited our students. We found our selves being very stale in the activities being taught in PE, we now have some new and exciting warm up and minor game style activities that our students will absolutely love.

    thumb Jess Fingg

    5 star review  A special thank you to PE made Easy! Airlie ran a very professional, engaging and well structured PD. Feedback from all the staff involved has been that the session has given them new ideas to try in their Physical Education classes. A very worthwhile way to spend meeting time as it will improve our Health and Physical Education program. From HPE Domain Koo Wee Rup Secondary College.

    thumb Shona Perrin

    5 star review  A big thanks to Airlie for coming out to our school to run the practical workshop for both expat and Indonesian PE teachers from the various schools in Bali. PD sessions are few and far between in this region and this is certainly a PD I would highly recommend. All participants were fully engaged in all activities and left very satisfied that they would be able to implement these activities into their teaching programs. Airlie was very approachable and presented in a very organised way which was heaps of fun and very informative.

    thumb Rod Diggle
  • 5 star review  Airlie came and did a PD session at our work , where she was truly fantastic! We learnt many new games , skills and fresh ideas to embed into our curriculum! We found her so engaging and learnt a lot from her . She maximised her time in our sessions by being so organised . We love her resources and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our session . I would highly recommend her to anyone !

    thumb Emma Shinkfield

    5 star review  Great fun fitness games and well presented. I will definitely use the activities I learnt in future lessons.

    thumb Ryan Joyce