Skill-Related Fitness Components – Awesome Video Links & Worksheet

If you would like some engaging videos to help your student’s understand the skill-related fitness components…keep reading!

Whilst there are varying names for the fitness components depending on the textbook you are using or the year level you are teaching, we have used the names and definitions as found in the Australian Curriculum.  If you haven’t seen the latest version of the Health & PE Glossary you can here –

Skill-related fitness components are those that are beneficial to performance in sports and physical activities. These include components such as agility, balance, coordination, reactions, rhythm, power and speed. The video below is from the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships and is a terrific example of an activity where each of the fitness components are utilised. Ask students to identify how the fitness components are being used throughout the performance.

Agility is defined as the ability to change the direction of the body at top speed.  The video below shows very fast changes of direction using the AFL Agility Test. It is worth asking the students why they think the AFL uses an agility test such as this.

Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium when still (static) and while moving (dynamic). The video below demonstrates the outstanding dynamic balance of two gymnasts on a seesaw.

Coordination is the ability to carry out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently. The video below shows a girl juggling five basketballs using her hands and feet.

Reactions is the ability to respond to a stimulus quickly. The video below captures the amazing one-handed catch from a ball girl at this year’s Australian Open.

Rhythm is the ability to perform movements with accurate timing. There are so many brilliant dance videos to choose from, however the one below is great to emphasise the importance of rhythm.

Power is the ability to contract the muscles with speed and force in one explosive act. The video below shows the impressive power of two Kenyan high school students participating in high jump.

Speed is the ability to move all or part of the body as quickly as possible. The first video below shows Usain Bolt’s amazing ability to move all of his body with great speed over 100m, while the second video demonstrates just how fast parts of the body can be moved.  Check out just how fast these kids feet can go.

We hope these videos provide you with a new and fun way of introducing your students to fitness components. If you would like a worksheet to use with these videos click below for an academic vocabulary task you can give your students.

Fitness Components – Academic Vocabulary


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