Health-Related Fitness Components – Awesome Video Links & Worksheet

As a continuation of last week blog’s post…below are engaging videos to help your student’s understand the health-related fitness components. Again, we are using the names and definitions as found in the Australian Curriculum.  If you haven’t seen the latest version of the Health & PE Glossary you can here – Health-related fitness components are those that are required for […]

Skill-Related Fitness Components – Awesome Video Links & Worksheet

If you would like some engaging videos to help your student’s understand the skill-related fitness components…keep reading! Whilst there are varying names for the fitness components depending on the textbook you are using or the year level you are teaching, we have used the names and definitions as found in the Australian Curriculum.  If you haven’t seen […]

Skill Learning – Use this Prac Activity & Show These Videos!

  We presented at the ACHPER Sports Science Conference on Friday 20th March to help PE teachers implement sport science in their Year 7-10 curriculum. These videos and the prac activity were just a couple of the resources we shared with those in attendance. We hope you find them useful for your classes too. Videos When teaching students about the stages […]

High Jump – Break it Down to Make it Simple

When it comes to teaching the disciplines of athletics, high jump can be a tricky one for kids to grasp. We find it is one activity where kids walk in either believing they ‘can’ or ‘can’t’ jump; there doesn’t seem to be many in between.  Our first step when teaching high jump is changing this […]

Reduce Activity Transition Time with these TIPS!

We would like to share with you some tips on how you can increase the time your students are physically active, regardless of how slow they walk to outdoor PE spaces or how much they usually dawdle. In a recent study of physical activity time in high school Physical Education classes, Smith, Lounsbery, and McKenzie (2014) found that […]

Kahoot! – Interactive Online Quizes

  In under 30 minutes I was able to create two quizes that had my students EXCITED, ENTERTAINED and ENGAGED.  You’ve gotta check out this brilliant interactive online quiz software called Kahoot! I created these quiz’s for my VCE PE class to “check for understanding” …AND to see if they had completed their holiday homework.  Lucky they had! […]

Developing Teamwork – 4 Simple & Fun Activities

Teamwork and the ability to work effectively in teams is such an important part of what we teach day to day in Physical Education, however we need to be reminded that this skill, like catching a ball, also needs to be explicitly taught. The start of the year is an excellent time to do this […]

First PE Lesson for the Year…Give this Game a Try! #physed

  When planning the first PE lesson for the year, we need to keep in mind that kids love PE because we give them the opportunity to run around, be active and have fun with their friends. However, it is also important in that first lesson to set the scene for the rest of the year […]

How to Increase the Physical Activity Levels of Our Students

I came across this article in today’s Herald Sun and I wanted to share it with you as it signifies the importance of regular physical activity. It is based on a 12-year study of 334,161 people focusing on the effects of obesity and exercise. The conclusion…A lack of exercise is twice as likely to lead […]

Tennis – Awesome App for Scoring & Stats

With the Australian Open around the corner we wanted to share with you an awesome app that you can use when teaching tennis in your PE classes. It is also brilliant for tennis during inter-school sports and carnivals. The app is Tennis Trakker Pro by Portapple LLC. It is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod […]